Sarah Bourne is an English-born Counsellor, Yoga Teacher and Author. She has been living in New South Wales for the last twenty four years, and calls Australia home – to the point of supporting the Australian cricket team!

She lives in Sydney with her husband, three teenage children, two mad, untrainable dogs and a long suffering cat.

She started writing in 2006, almost by mistake, planning to write a short story, and ending up with a YA paranormal romance trilogy, set in the UK and based in the ‘real’ ghost stories of Berry Pomeroy Castle, one of the most haunted sites in Britain. The biggest things she learned from this episode were that writing is hard, and that she was hooked!

After penning a dystopian novel for the YA market,which is going to be published by Typology Publishing using a multimodal platform, she decided to turn her hand to fiction for grown ups.

Never Laugh at Shadows was her first published novel.

Two Lives was published in April 2015.

There may be more…


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