Where does time go?


It’s been five months since my last post. I have been away for three months, and busy with other things, but they’re not really excuses. I was in Europe, not the Sumatran jungle – the internet was freely available. And the ‘other things’ I’ve been busy with? Procrastinations, distractions.

So I ask myself, why, when I have a reminder in my phone that alerts me every Thursday that today is the day to write a blog post, do I still not write one? The little message that comes up on my screen…Write a blog post…sets off a series of emotions from exasperation to guilt.

But most of all, it begs the question, What shall I write about? Why would anyone be interested in me and my ramblings? Have I got anything to add to the mounds of information out there on writing? (Just in case you’re interested in my advice, it can be summed up in one word: read. It hardly makes for a riveting post).

Then I thought, I write. It’s what I love doing. I make up characters and put them in situations and things happen. Sometimes I know what they’ll do and sometimes they surprise me, but they always do something, and those somethings add up to a story, (eventually, hopefully). When I’m developing a character, I often spend quite a bit of time writing their story, bits of dialogue, loves and hates and so on. Jottings that never get into the book, but are important to me to draw on as I write. So, for example, if a character suddenly says she loves men with back hair, and I know that her love interest suffers from Alopecia Totalis, I can correct her. Or rewrite her love interest to include chest wigs and such.

So, post-atrophy may be solved. I will share with you some of these character backgrounds.

Next time…



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