Published again


Last week, my second novel, Two Lives, was published, and already I’m receiving positive feedback, which is marvellous. So my question is, why am I feeling so blah about it? When Never Laugh at Shadows was published last year, I ran on adrenalin for weeks, telling everyone about it, contacting my whole email list, posting on Facebook and Twitter, talking to people about it face to face any time they would listen.
Am I not as proud of my second book? Do I believe that it doesn’t deserve the same hoohah as the first?
Not at all. I wrote the best book I could about issues that are difficult to write about. Without giving too many spoilers, there are two female protagonists, one who is dealing with the death of her son, the other is living in an abusive relationship. The feedback so far has been that they are harsh issues sensitively dealt with. And I believe I have developed as a writer since writing my first book. So is it that Never Laugh at Shadows holds the unique position of being the first, and therefore the most exciting?
I think that has something to do with it, firsts are, after all, peak experiences – first day at school, uni or job, first loves, even first children (by which I don’t mean they remain the favourite, only that they bring with them the first experience of parenthood). But surely that isn’t only reasonI am not as excited this time round?
Could it be that I now know more about the process of marketing and publicity, and that I am not very good at them? Probably. Could I get better at them? Maybe, but I resent time that marketing one book takes from writing the next.
And there, in a nutshell, is the problem. I am in the thick of the next manuscript, researching, writing, developing characters, and that’s where I want to be, not out spruiking the last offering. I had already written Two Lives when Never Laugh at Shadows was published, so I had the time and the enthusiasm to push my baby in front of whoever was even vaguely interested. Now that I have another baby, and am pregnant again (to develop the metaphor further), I don’t have the same energy. Number three will be left to bring itself up entirely!


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  1. Don’t give up on the marketing Sarah! Yes, it’s a pain, but you have to find way to get the best bang for the buck, or at least the click.

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