London Book Fair and Beyond


Well, my publisher emailed me the other day, having been to the London Book Fair with, amongst others, my novel, Never Laugh at Shadows. After the LBF, he went on to various other literary events in Italy and China. He’s not even in back in the office yet. But he did let me know that there had been some interest in my book, and that they are taking it to the US Book Expo in New York at the end of May. I’m excited, of course, but the thing is, I thought I’d like to be the publisher, flying around the world getting to talk to other publishers and authors about books and writing! I’m sure it’s not all fun and games, but those bits are.

Then I remind myself that I have travelled a bit – quite a bit – and not had to work at the same time, which has to be even better. I’ve met amazing people, had fantastic adventures, seen beautiful places. A few scares along the way make for good anecdotes now, with the luxury of distance and time. And now, I draw on those experiences, and extensive research, to write books. And I realise how lucky I am.



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