Now I know I’m not very regular. I mean, how long is it since my last post? A while. So, my new resolution is to post more often than before.

Why? Because I have something to say.

I’ve been published! No, not the YA trilogy, or the YA dystopian novel. Not even the story of a young Indian woman brought up by Australian parents in Sydney, struggling to come to terms with her ‘real’ identity. No, the book that has been published is about Winsome Natakunda, a young Ugandan woman brought up in a family on the wrong side of politics in Amin’s violent dictatorship. The novel explores the shadows cast by this violence down the years of Winsome’s life as she moves to England, falls in love, and seeks to find a way to manage her feelings and her experience. It is a story, ultimately, of resilience.

Never Laugh at Shadows has received 5 star reviews on and


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